Gift Voucher - How does it work ?


Christmas, Festive season, Birthday, special occasion… Your near one loves movies or movie collectibles but you are short of time or not sure whether he/she will like your gift ?


Our gift vouchers are the perfect alternative to delight your near ones with gift cards so they can buy something they love.

What is a Gift Voucher ?

- A Gift Voucher is an electronic voucher that is emailed from our website directly to the recipient, chosen by the buyer at the checkout. A Gift Voucher can be sent to and used by any person around the world.

- A Gift Voucher can only be used on the website and is not redeemable for cash.

- When using the Online Voucher, the recipient can choose the value that they wish to spend on each order placed, meaning the whole voucher does not have to be used at once.

- Mauvais-genres Gift Vouchers have an expiry date of 12 months.


How to offer a Gift Voucher ?

1 – Select the gift voucher(s) you want to offer on our website (click here to see all vouchers)

2 – Then select your shopping cart, check the content, and proceed to checkout. If you want us to send the gift voucher to another email address, just specify it in your shopping cart (“Leave us a message” area)

3 – The same day, you will receive the gift vouchers by email. You can choose to print them or to transfer the mail to the beneficiary. 


You are the lucky beneficiary of a Gift Voucher. How to use your Gift Voucher ?

1 – Select movie collectibles you want (posters, stills…) on our website

2 - Then select your shopping cart, check the content and enter the code on your Gift Voucher in the "VOUCHERS" area (just below the list of products) and validate. The amount of the Gift Voucher is deduced of the global amount of your order.

3 – Proceed checkout.


A question ?

Whatever question you may have, our team is at your disposal to answer you as fast as possible. You can contact us via the online form and by phone: +33 (0)9 72 28 77 63.