ILSA THE TIGRESS OF SIBERIA French Movie Poster 47x63 - 1977 - nazisploitation

ILSA LA TIGRESSE DU GOULAG Affiche FR 120x160 Movie Poster nazixploitation C6 View larger

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Ilsa An Original Vintage Theater-Used Folded French One-Panel "Grande" Movie Poster (1p; measures 45 3/4" x 61 1/4")  Condition : very good to excellent (C7) 

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Approximate size in inchesFR - 47x63 - One Panel
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Ilsa, The Tigress of Siberia is a sexploitation "Men in prison" style of film that was produced in Canada in 1977. It is the third sequel of Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS. Dyanne Thorne repeats the title role, but this time Ilsa (referred to as "Comrade Colonel") supervises a 1953 Siberian gulag that mentally and physically destroys political male prisoners towards the fall of StalinismThe film was made on the set of the TV series Hogan's HeroesThe series had already been cancelled and the show's producers let the movie be made on it once they learned that a scene called for it to be burned down, saving them the cost of having it demolished. The over-the-top subject matter of Ilsa has turned the film into a cult movie. Perhaps the best explanation for its notoriety is that it is a cinematic version of the "men's adventure" subgenre of pulp magazine.