Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers : think vintage !

Christmas or a Birthday is coming, and you are looking for a unique movie-themed gift ? Here are some awesome gift ideas for movie fans of all ages.


Movie-themed Gift Idea number 1: an original vintage movie poster

If you really want to please a movie lover, offer him an original movie poster ! Original movie posters are posters printed by studios and displayed in movie theatres at the time of the films original release. Available sizes and visuals can be very different form one country to another. Vintage movie posters have a direct connection to the movie, that is why they are highly collectible, and highly appreciated by a movie lover. 

Useful links: see all available original movie posters – US original movie posters - French original movie posters - Japanese original Movie posters – Crime movie posters – Horror movie posters – Science fiction movie posters – Stanley kubrick movie posters – Star Wars movie posters – James Bond movie posters


Movie-themed Gift Idea number 2: an original movie still

If you are looking for a small sized movie collectible, think about original movie stills ! To movie lovers, original movie stills are among most desirable movie collectibles. Among them, you have lobby card, which are mostly in colour and were displayed in movie theatres. You also can choose black and white press stills, which were sent to journalists to promote the film. Original movie stills are particularly easy to store and siplay. 

Useful links: see all available vintage movie stills - see lobby cards - see press stills - see Jumbo stills


Movie-themed Gift Idea number 3: an original movie prop or a replica

It happens that original movie props are selled by the movie team. Less rare but more affodable, you can also decide to purchase one of the fantastic existing movie replica. All of them are highly valuable to movie lovers.

Useful link: see all available movie props and replicas


Movie-themed Gift Idea number 4: an authentic autograph

Signed movie memorabilia are highly collectible, because they are directly connected to an artist. The good news ? Some are very affordable ! 

Useful link: see all signed movie memorabilia


Movie-themed Gift Idea number 5: an original storyboard

It is hard to find a gift more unique than storyboards. These documents were used during film production and are very hard-to-find.  

Useful linl:see all available storyboards and artworks


Movie-themed Gift Idea number 6: an original movie script

Like storyboards and props, original movie scripts are very rare - they are a piece of film's history. More affordable, studio copies were distributed to the crew during film production. Both original movie scripts and studio copies give unique inside information about the movie's production, and are highly valuable to movie collectors.  

Useful link: see all available movie scripts 


More movie-themed gift ideas 

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Short of time ? Offer a Gift Voucher !

You are short of time or not sure whether he/she will like your gift. Our movie-themed gift vouchers are the perfect alternative to delight your near ones with gift cards so they can buy something they love. 


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2001 l’Odyssée de l’Espace


Blade Runner




Mad Max

Les Dents de la Mer / Jaws

Die Hard

Pulp Fiction

Jurassic Park


Mon Nom est Personne

Blues Brothers


Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Harry Potter

Evil Dead

Le Seigneur des Anneaux

Le Parrain




Star Trek


Taxi Driver


Frankenstein (and co)

James Bond

Retour vers le futur

SOS Fantômes / Ghostbusters

La Planète des Singes

La Trilogie du Dollar (S. Leone)


Inspecteur Harry


Kill Bill


Apocalypse Now


E.T. l'Extra-terrestre



Burton, Disney, Truffaut, Hammer studios... More than a movie, it is a director or producer style you are looking for. Here are some useful links on most searched movie directors and producers. The director or production house is not in the list ? Please use the search module at the top left side of this website.

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Brian de Palma

Martin Scorcese

Tobe Hopper

Peter Jackson

Akira Kurosawa

Roger Corman

Quentin Tarantino


Ridley Scott

François Truffaut

Jean-Luc Godard

James Cameron

Russ Meyer

Sam Peckinpah

Lars Von Trier

Roman Polanski

Tim Burton

Hayao Miyazaki

Hammer, Amicus & Cie

George A. Romero

Francis Ford Coppola

Lucio Fulci

David Cronenberg

Ray Harryhausen

Michael Cimino

Sergio Leone



McQueen, Eastwood, Marilyn, Belmondo... You are looking for a unique gift related to a specific actor or actress ? Here are some useful links on most searched actors and actresses. The actor is not in the list ? Please use the search module at the top left side of this website.

Steve McQueen

Sylvester Stallone

Al Pacino

James Stewart

Robert Mitchum

Sean Connery

Morgan Freeman

John Travolta

Leonardo Di Caprio

Mel Gibson

Harrison Ford

Ryan Gosling

Peter Sellers

Jean-Paul Belmondo

Jean Gabin

Jean Marais

Lino Ventura

Yves Montand

Romy Schneider 

Alain Delon

Isabelle Adjani

Catherine Deneuve

Gérard Depardieu

Louis de Funès

Brigitte Bardot

Pierre Richard

Clint Eastwood

Bruce Lee

Marilyn Monroe

Charles Bronson 

Audrey Hepburn

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

Michael Caine

Bruce Willis

Tom Cruise

Pam Grier

Chuck Norris



More than a movie, it is a whole film genre that he/she loves. Here are some useful links on most searched movie genres. The movie genre you are looking for is not in the list ? Please use the search module at the top left side of this website.

Cinéma fantastique



Western Spaghetti

Heroic Fantasy

Dessin Animé


Cinéma français

Comédies musicales

Policier, Film noir

Action, Aventures

Arts Martiaux









Cinéma Japonais