Movie Poster Artists Galery

Behind a beautiful movie poster often hides a great artist. In this page, we propose you to discover the list of greatest movie poster artists, these painters, illustrators and visual artists who created the movie posters we love.

The artists are sorted by country and birthdate. Knowing the huge number of movie poster artists around the world, this list is not exhaustive, but it gives a good idea of most remarquable figures in movie poster history. 

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France - French Movie Poster Artists    

La Grande Illusion de LancyBernard Lancy (1892-1964)




Le Corbeau de BonneauJacques Bonneaud (1898-1971)

Jacques Bonneaud biography



La Maison du diable de SoubieRoger Soubie (1898-1984)

Roger Soubie biography



Boris Bilinsky (1900-1948)

Boris Bilinsky biography



Affiches de René PéronRené Péron (1904-1972)

René Péron biography

René Péron movie posters for sale



La Soif du MalConstantin Belinsky (1904-1999)

Constantin Belinsky biography

Constantin Belinsky movie posters for sale


Raymond Gid (1905-2000)


Boris Grinsson (1907-1999)


Raymond Savignac (1907-2002)


René Gruau (1909-2004)


Guy Gerard Noel (1912-1994)


Jean-Denis Malclès (1912-2002)


Hervé Morvan (1917-1980)


André Azaïs (1918-1989)


Jean Mascii (1926-2003)


René Ferracci (1927-1982)


Clement Hurel (1927-2008)


Georges Kerfyser 


Christian Broutin (born in 1933)


Guy Peellaert (1934-2008)


Yves Thos (1935-2020)


Michel Jouin (1936-2018)


Michel Landi (born in 1932)




Jean Giraud / Moebius (1938-2012)


Philippe Druillet (born in 1944)


Pierre Peyrolle (born in 1945)


Jacques Tardi (born in 1946)


Andrzej Malinowski (born in 1947)


Bernard Bernhardt (né en 1952)


Jean-Claude Floc'h (born in 1953) 


Philippe Lemoine (born in 1956)


Dupuy-Berberian (born in 1960 and 1959)


Laurent Melki (born in 1960)


Laurent Lufroy (born in 1966) 


Gilles Vranckx (born in 1975, Belgian) - available movie posters


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USA - US Movie Poster Artists  

Albert Kallis


Reynold Brown (1917-1991)


Robert T. McCall (1919-2010)


Saul Bass (1920-1996)


Jack Davis (born in 1924)


Robert McGinnis (born in 1926)


Bob Peak (1927-1992)

Howard Terpning (born in 1927)


Frank Frazetta (born in 1928)


John Berkey (1932-2008)


Joseph Smith


Tom Jung


Richard Vance Corben (1940)


Neal Adams (born in 1941)


Boris Vallejo (born in 1941)


Drew Struzan (born in 1946)


Richard Amsel (1947-1985)


John Alvin (1948-2008)


Frank Brunner (1949)


And more to come... 


Italy - Italian Movie Poster Artists

Pierrp Ermanno Iaia (1933-xxxx)

Renato Casaro (born in 1935)

Enzo Sciotti (1944-2021) 


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UK - British Movie Poster Artists 



Poland - Polish Movie Poster Artists