EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 2 print promo pack '80 Lucas' Star Wars, McQuarrie art prints

An Original Vintage Movie Artwork Promotional Pack (2 prints, medallion, folders; see measurements below)

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Important Added Info: This is a special set of "The Empire Strikes Back" movie promotional materials! It consists of a special promotional portfolio that contains two Ralph McQuarrie 9 1/2" x 22" art prints (featuring artwork from the Hoth Rebel base and the giant asteroid that the Millennium Falcon hides in!), 1 10 1/4" x 23" folder that contains the two art stills (the folder is really cool!; when it is unfolded, it measures approximately 10" x 60", and has the printed emblem from the movie and an embossed head of Darth Vader!), and the set's original black paper case, which is then contained in a special cardboard shipping container (we guess they REALLY wanted to make sure that this did not get damaged in transit!). Also included with this portfolio is a 3" x 3" Darth Vader metal pendant