The most expensive 70s movie posters


We propose below a ranking of most expensive 70s posters ever sold. The movie poster market beeing very active, please remember that prices are open to variation, therefore this grading must be considered as instant photograph of the market. 

Ranking of most expensive 70s movie posters


Number 1 : Clockwork Orange (1972) - 19 120 $

Orange Mécanique


Number 2 : Star Wars (1977) - 16 500 $

Star Wars


Number 3 : Mean Streets (1972) - 10 541 $

Mean Streets

Number 4 : Star Wars (US, style A 1977) - 8 032 $ 


It is interesting to notice that among 70s movie posters, it is most the rarity of a movie poster version that makes the price, rather than the movie itself. For example, it is possible to find Star Wars 70s movie posters around 300-400 $, but in case of an "Advance" movie poster or a "7 sheets" the prices become significantly higher.


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