Top of the most terrifying movies !

You will find below the resutl of a survey done by Mauvais Genres about the most terryfing movies of Movie History ! The survey was done on Facebook on 31st of october 2011 (Halloween), ang got about 500 votes. We included the trailers so you can (re)discover each movie's atmosphere.

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Number 28

Zombi 2, Lucio Fulci (1980 - Italie)

Affiche de l'enfer des Zombies de Fulci


Number 27

Don't Look Now, Nicholas Roeg  (1973 - UK)

Affiche de Ne vous retournez pas de Roeg


Number 26

The Omen, Richard Donner (1976 - USA)

Affiche de film originale japonaise de Damien La Malédiction


Number 25

The Blair Witch Project, Daniel Myrick et Eduardo Sánchez (1999 - USA)

Affiche de Blair Witch Project


Number 24

The Exorcist III, William Peter Blatty (1990 - USA)

Affiche cinema originale Exorciste la suite


Number 23

Next of Kin, Tony Williams (1982 - Australie)

Affiche cinema originale Montclare Rendez Vous de l'Horreur


Number 22

Maniac, William Lustig  (1999 - USA)

Affiche de Maniac de Lustig


Number 21

Dark Water, Hideo Nakata (2002 - Japon)


Number 20

Alien, Ridley Scott (1979 - USA)

Affiche de film ALIEN de Ridley Scott


Number 19

Haute Tension, Alexandre Aja (2003 - France)


Number 18

Ôdishon, takeshi Miike (2000 - Japan)


Number 17

Evil Dead, Sam Raimi (1983 - USA)

Affiche de film Evil Dead de Sam Raimi


Number 16

The Sentinel, Michael Winner (1977 - USA)

Affiche de film La Sentinelle des Maudits de Michael Winner


Number 15

The Thing, John Carpenter (1982 - USA)

Affiche de film The Thing de John Carpenter


Number 14

Les Yeux sans visage, Georges Franju (1958 - France)

Affiche de film Les Yeux sans Visage de Franju


Number 13

Martyrs, Pascal Laugier (2008 - France)


Number 12

The Descent, Neil Marshall (2005 - UK)

Affiche de film The Descent de Neil Marshall


Number 11

Halloween, John Carpenter (1976 - USA)

Affiche de film Halloween de John Carpenter


Number 10

Simetierre, Mary Lambert (1989 - USA)

Affiche de film originale française de Simetierre


Number 9

Carrie, Brian de Palma (1976 - USA)

Affiche de film Carrie de John Carpenter


Number 8

The Mist, Franck Darabont (2007 - USA)

Affiche cinema de The Mist


Number 7

Cannibal Holocaust, Ruggero Deodato (1981 - Italie)

Affiche cinema de Cannibal Holocaust de Deodato


Number 6

The Haunting, Robert Wise (1963 - USA)

Affiche cinema originale francaise de La Maison du Diable


Number 5

The Ring (Ringu), Hideo Nakata (1998 - USA)


Number 4

Suspiria, Dario Argento ( 1977 - Italie)

Affiche cinema originale française de Suspiria


Number 3

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tobe Hooper (USA - 1974)

Affiche de film originale francaise de Massacre à la tronçonneuse


Number 2

The Shining, Stanley Kubrick (1980 - USA)

Affiche cinema de Shining de Stanley Kubrick


Number 1

The Exorcist, William Friedkin (USA - 1973)

Affiche cinema originale de l'Exorciste de Friedkin


Results of the survey about best horror movies

1The ExorcistWilliam Friedkin1973USA
2The ShiningStanley Kubrick1980USA
3The Texas Chainsaw MassacreTobe Hooper1974USA
4SuspiriaDario Argento1977IT
5The Ring (Ringu)Hideo Nakata1998JP
6The HauntingRobert Wise1963USA
7Cannibal HolocaustRuggero Deodato1981IT
8CarrieBrian de Palma1976USA
9The MistFranck Darabont2007USA
10Pet SemetaryMary Lambert1989USA
11HalloweenJohn Carpenter1976USA
12Les yeux sans visageGeorges Franju1959FR
13The DescentNeil Marshall2005UK
14MartyrsPascal Laugier2008FR
15The thingJohn Carpenter1982USA
16The SentinelMichael Winner1977USA
17Evil DeadSam Raimi1983USA
18ÔdishonTakeshi Miike2000JP
19Haute TensionAlexandre Aja2003FR
20AlienRidley Scott1979USA
21Dark WaterHideo Nakata2002JP
22Don't Look NowNicholas Roeg1973UK
23The OmenRichard Donner1976USA
24ManiacWilliam Lustig1980USA
25Next of KinTony Williams1982AUS
26The Exorcist IIIWilliam Peter Blatty1990USA
27The Blair Witch ProjectDaniel Myrick - Eduardo Sánchez1999USA
28Zombi 2Lucio Fulci1980IT

Synthesis of the horror movies survey

TOP by Country :

1 - USA

2 ex-aequo - JAPAN, ITALY and FRANCE (!)

Directors : 

John Carpenter and Hideo Nakata are the only directors that appear twice in this Top. 

Date  :

The 70s are the most successfull years, closely followed by 80s. Note that 3 movies of 1980 are in this Top.

Absences :

Note the surprising absence of Wes Craven (The Last House on the Left, A Nightmare on Elm Street, …), of Georges A Romero (Zombies triolgy) and of David Cronenberg.


Top "Scary movies" by Mauvais Genres

1Ju-OnTakashi Shimizu2000Japon
2Don't Look NowNicholas Roeg1973UK
3Next of KinTony Williams1982AUS
4The HauntingRobert Wise1963USA
5The SentinelMichael Winner1977USA