The Secret of the Unicorn


Blade Runner is a 1982 science fiction cult movie, directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos and Darryl Hannah (click HERE to see Blade Runner original movie posters and all Blade Runner collectibles).

It depicts a neo-noir future where human-like androids are used for main space work. They became illegal on Earth after a spectacular mutiny, but some of them succed to infiltrate the city of Los Angeles. Rick Deckard is the Blade Runner in charge to eliminate them.


In the last scene (Director's cut), Deckard finds a small origami unicorn on his porch. 

This unicorn, probably left by officer Gaff, is crucial. It lets think that Deckard is a Replicant himself. Indeed, it refers to Deckard recurrent dreams of a unicorn, which is maybe an information genetically implanted by Tyrell Corp... 


Mauvais Genres has found the instructions necessary to build this mythical origami.


However, the Blade Runner unicorn is a movie origami, which does not repsect the strict rules of the modern origami. Cutting and sticking are involved, but this infringement of the origami rules is compensated by the pretty good result. Morevover, the movie unicorn seems to be done from simple cigarette silver paper : better try it after mastering the folding.


Equipment :

-      2 square sheets of paper whose sides are different colors (in the movie : silver on one side, white on the over). The side length seems to be around 2,5' to obtain the movie proportions, but it is better to train first on bigger squares. 

-      scissors

-      glue


Instructions :

The origami is made of a front side, a rear side and a horn. Here are the steps to make it.


Step 1 : FRONT side of the unicorn


1. Foild the first square sheet of paper iby following the diagonal, as shown


2. Fold again by following the median line, as shown


3. Fold again, on one side 


4. Unfold, and fold again, by following the fold lines just created, as shown


5. Fold up, left and right like described on the diagram below :


Unfold, then pull up to top point and fold in the sides, to obtain the result on the picture


6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 on the other side. You should obtain this result.


7. Fold by following the main line


8. Fold as shown on the diagram


in order to obtain the result on the picture.


9. The most delicate movement !

Fold as followed 


Unfold, then press in the center to obtain a beautiful triangle (équilateral if you are very good), as you can see in the picture.

Repeat this step on the other side.


10. Reverse fold of the top right layer to obtain the head of the unicorn. Look at the the movie picture, to obtain the most accurate proportion.


Reverse fold of the top left layer toward left side.


11. Cut the left layer as shown. You will use this part for horn. 


Create a zigzag fold on both legs, to obtain the result shown on the picture.   




Step 2 : REAR side of the unicorn


12. Use the second square sheet of paper, and apply steps 1 to 6. You should obtain the result on the picture.


13. Fold both layers and unfold in the middle


14. Unfold entirely the right side


15. Refold delicately to reverse fold inside out 


16. Fold both layers along the main line


17. Fold the top right side toward right (90°)


18. Fold the top side toward left, to obtain the unicorn tail (look at movie picture for ideal proportions) 


19. Mage a « zigzag » fold on each leg  




Last step : assembling 


20. Now you should have these three parts waiting for assembling.


Unfold the little triangle part obtained in step 11, then twist it to obtain the horn, before assembling.


21. Glue all parts together. Before you do it, fit it together without glue to make sure it is as you expect.