CONQUEST OF THE EARTH French 15x21 '80 Kent McCord, Battlestar Galactica compilation!

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An Original 1980 (from the first release of this movie in France) Vintage Theater-Used Folded French "Petite" Movie Poster (measures 15 1/2" x 20 3/4") Condition: Good to Very Good (C5), stains on the back side invisible on front side.

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Approximate size in inchesFR - 15x21 - Small

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Following the series demise, a feature film entitled Conquest of the Earth was stitched together from sections of the three "Galactica Discovers Earth" episodes and the two "The Night the Cylons Landed" episodes. A scene of John Colicos, playing Baltar, was also spliced in to this release. The latter footage was actually taken from an episode of the original series — Baltar makes no appearance in any Galactica 1980 episode — and is partially dubbed, so as to make the speech sound relevant to the Galactica's new situation. Several early scenes involving Adama and Dr. Zee are also partially dubbed, to add more explanatory detail and to explain why two actors appear playing the role of Dr. Zee. The feature was released in cinemas in Europe, New Zealand and Australia and on home video elsewhere.