E.T THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL US Movie Script 9x12 - 1982 - Steven Spielberg, Dee Wallace

E.T THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL Movie Script directed by Steven Spielberg with Dee Wallace - 1982 - Extra-terrestrial Productions Inc. Dated August 21st, 1981. Shooting Script. 113 pages. Size: 9x12 inches approx. Condition: Very good (C6) some rust and stains. Interior pages in great condition.

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (often referred to simply as E.T.) is a 1982 American science fiction film co-produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, written by Melissa Mathison and starring Henry ThomasDee WallaceRobert MacNaughtonDrew Barrymore, and Peter Coyote. It tells the story of Elliott (played by Thomas), a lonely boy who befriends an extraterrestrial, dubbed "E.T.", who is stranded on Earth. Elliott and his siblings help the extraterrestrial return home while attempting to keep it hidden from their mother and the government.