PHENOMENA Signed Script Dario Argento Gothic Horror !

An Movie Script of the Dario Argento's Masterpiece Autographed by the director edited by Profondo Rosso Condition: Very Good to Excellent (C7) See our 10 GRADE SYSTEM Page for more information.

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Phenomena is a 1985 Italian horror film directed by Dario Argento, with Luigi Cozzi at special effects, and the young Jennifer Connelly starring as a girl with special psychic powers, who uses them to pursue a serial killer. It was Argento's first film to be shot in English. For its U.S. release, Phenomena was retitled as Creepers and heavily edited to remove nearly thirty minutes of footage.  

Important added info : This script is a COPY of the original and it is in Director's native language, meaning ITALIAN. It was SIGNED for us by Dario Argento himself! 

Overall condition: near mint, with the handwritten signature of Dario Argento