DEEP RED Movie Script, D. Argento - Profondo Rosso In ITALIAN, 1974

An Movie script of the Dario Argento's Masterpiece edited by Profondo Rosso and supervised by Dario Argento.  Condition: Very Good to Excellent (C7)

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Approx. size in inchesFR - 9x12
Art byAnonyme
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Profondo Rosso (also known as Deep Red or The Hatchet Murders) is a 1975 giallo film directed and written by Dario Argento and co-written by Bernardino Zapponi. It was released on March 7, 1975 in Italy and June 11, 1976 in the United States. The film's score was composed and performed by Goblin. It stars David Hemmings as a music teacher who investigates a series of murders performed by a mysterious figure wielding a hatchet. Although the film was not a financial success internationally, the film has met with critical acclaim.

Important added info : This script is a COPY of the original and it is in Director's native language, meaning ITALIAN.