BRAINDEAD Japanese '93 Peter Jackson directed gore-fest, Braindead, sexy Sorayama art!

DEAD ALIVE Japanese '93 Peter Jackson directed gore-fest, Braindead, sexy Sorayama art! View larger Sold

An Original 1993 (re-titled "Braindead"; from the first release of this movie in Japan) Vintage Theater-Used Unfolded Japanese "B2" Movie Poster (measures 20" x 28 1/2")

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Approx. size in inchesJP - 20x28 - B2

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Braindead (New Zealand 1992), released as Dead Alive in North America, is a cult zombie comedy splatstick horror film directed by Peter Jackson. The film is universally regarded as being one of the goriest films of all time. The final scene to be filmed was the section in the park with Lionel and the zombie baby Selwyn. The movie was finished one week ahead of schedule and with NZ$45,000 remaining, so Peter Jackson used all this remaining budget to film the park scene over the course of two days. He has gone on to say that this is his favourite scene and the funniest in the whole movie.

Important Added Info: Note that this poster was somewhat tri-folded. What does that mean? Some posters were stored in a tri-folded fashion, but where someone took a group of posters and then tri-folded the entire group. This means that many of the posters have only a slight "waviness" one third of the way from the top and the bottom of the poster, but they are not actual folds. They are normally not very noticeable at all from the front of the poster, but they can be seen from the back of the poster, and they mean that the poster does not lay 100% flat. These "waves" greatly diminish if the poster is put under weight for a time, and become almost completely invisible. Most collectors consider them a very minor defect, much less of a defect than actual foldlines. Also note that this poster will be shipped rolled in a tube.

Overall Condition: good.