GHOSTBUSTERS Ghost Trap - Piège à fantôme !

OFFICIAL Replica of the Ghost Trap used in Ghostbusters ! Film accurate light and sounf effects. The trap is shaking when a ghost is inside it !

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Ghostbusters is one of most popular supernatural comedies. Released in 1984 with Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver, this amazing movie counts thousands of fans arounf the world.


By fan request, Mattel has produced in 2011 a film-accurate replica of the mythical ghost trap used by Ghostbusters in movies Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II .

After months of research and development, including detailed study of the movies and fans forums on the internet, Mattel has succeed to create an mind-blowing replica. 


Lots of film-accurate sound and light effects, the trap is opening and closing, and most of all, the trap is shaking when a ghost is trapped in it! Simply EXHILARATING.

Moreover, you can switch red and silver side power bars to easily switch between Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II.

Like in the movies, the carrier is removable to allow you to empty it at Ghostbusters Headquarters…

Two modes are available : "prop" mode without special effects and "movie" mode with all amazing special effects the movie production has including after shooting.


Important: this replica is a very limited edition, and is not proposed by Mattel anymore.  Since 2011, the prices have exploded, especially for new products like this one.



Practical info : the Ghost Trap requires

1) a ghost,

2) a ghostbuster

3) and 4 batteries (1,5 V) - not provided by Mattel

IMPORTANT : This product is an IMPORTED collectible. It is not covered by the Mattel guarantee, which guarantees only the first detail US buyer. However, its well functioning has been verified and confirmed by the M-G team, who confirms the absolute awesomeness of the product.