GWANGI Early Storyboards - 1962 - Willis O'Brien, Ray Harryhausen

Gwangi Storyboards Photostats. 8x10 inches approx. 23 pages of 9 drawings, matte photo paper. Condition : inside pages, excellent (C8), cover : Good to very good (C5)

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Approx. size in inchesUS - 8x10

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Gwangi Storyboards

NOTE : Direct from the estate of John DeCuir (Cleopatra, Ghostbusters) who worked on this film at an early stage, in a l blue folder with typed text "Gwangi / O'Brien Sketches," 23 each with nine black and white images of scenes from the film that was later made into the 1969 Warner Bros cult classic, "The Valley of the Gwangi" which featured stop-action special effects by Ray Harryhausen, these particular storyboards (which are Photostats) were created by Willis H. O'Brien (King Kong, The Lost World)  who was working on an earlier version of this movie that was never made, but his images are still great ! 

IMPORTANT : The Photostat was an early photo projection photocopier (ancester of the Xerox Machine) created in the 1900s by the Commercial Camera Company. It was used to create the animation of the early disney production such as Snow White and Cinderella.

Only 7 pages have been scanned but there are 23 pages of drawings !

This copy is at our knowlegde the only witness of the O'brien work on Gwangi ! A incredible peice of Movie History !